Our Story

We learned the news that we were going to have twin daughters, we bought everything that we needed to take care of them after they come home including shower gels, lotions and shampoos. When they were born and started using the body products, we noticed that they were having risings. We thought that they were caused from being cold. This kept happening and we decided to ask the children’s doctor. They said it must be the baby products we were using on them. He suggested several other brands that we tried that were considered natural products but kept happening.

We started looking at the back of the label for ingredients awas did some research. What we found was unpleasant to us and started to explore alternative ways to use natural products with simple ingredients. After a week in research, we came up with a soap that we tried on them and they did not break up. We tried this several weeks and shared the soap with some family and friends and we got an overwhelming response on the gentleness of th soap.

We decided to try to sale the soap to benefit anyone including parents of children with allergic reactions to body products and looking for alternative ways to their products.