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Interview With Mami Creations

Last year we participated in the Kennedale Art in the Park and had an interview with the organisers about the experience with the show. It was our first year to participate. This year they are hosting the event again and

Happy New Year!

Just a moment to say Happy New Year to everyone. And also to thank each and everyone that has been a part of our family and supporting our business. A lot has happened during the year from increasing the number

Beauty At It’s Best with Mud Soap

What happens when simplicity connects with beauty is an astonishing  product. What we mean is when it came to the formulations of our facial beauty bar, we opted for simplicity in the formula and the end result after use. Our

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How to tell if a product is natural

By: ShaRhonda Muluzi  November 21, 2010 Products advertised as “natural” and “safe” does not guarantee that the product you buy is really safe. Despite claims like “gentle” and “pure”, dozens of top- selling bath products are contaminated with cancer-causing substances.

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