Happy New Year!

Just a moment to say Happy New Year to everyone. And also to thank each and everyone that has been a part of our family and supporting our business.

A lot has happened during the year from increasing the number of like on our Facebook page, adding more followers on twitter, getting reviews on our website, and more importantly having each and everyone of you as a customer. Your support to us means a lot and we could not have been where we are without your encouragement to not stop making the products we make.

clovesoapWe also added a few other products to our previous line. We added dead sea bath salts, Rose lip conditioner, Clove and Oatmeal Soap, and some other products. Some of which are being worked onto our website like one of the most requested Cedarwood soap. This coming year we are working on a number of things, keep your eyes on our Facebook, twitter pages, and our website and blog to be updated on what we are working on. I would also recommend signing up for our newsletter, we promise you we never send too many email.

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May God bless you all .